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The State of HD Video Viewing in America

A Wistia Video Data Report

High definition (HD) video viewing is not ubiquitous in the United States.  After analyzing Wistia-hosted video views from across the country, we found that nearly 20% of views were not capable of streaming full HD video (defined as < 2 Mbps download speed).  The Northeast has the highest concentration of HD capable views, while the Midwest and West Coast have the lowest percentages.

The lack of HD streaming capabilities is seen not only at an individual household level, but also at companies and large organizations.  We analyzed the download speeds at our office and at 25 large organizations and found non-HD capable rates ranging from 3 - 85% with a mean of 25.6%.  In other words, even at major organizations a quarter of viewers are not capable of bufferless streaming of HD video. 

HD Data Graph - transparent map

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